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tv   North Carolina News at 1100PM  CBS  March 3, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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north carolina news at 11 pm starts now. grader to tell -- greater detail about when a raleigh police officer shot and killed akil dinkins.>> since first receiving the autopsy, our team has been digging more into the initial findings in getting feedback to it all. our cover starts with cbs north carolina reporter amy cutler walking us through on monday afternoon. >> reporter: sharon, this is a copy of the preliminary report. it reveals that dinkins had a handgun on him and it was during a struggle with the police officer that he was shot. we knew 24-year-old akil dinkins was killed following a chase with police. now, we are leading -- learning more about what led up to the shooting. according to the report, d.c.
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wanted on a drug charge. dinkins fled. dinkins stopped in the police officer attempted to make an arrest. a struggle followed. twitty fired. according to the preliminary report, that did not stop dinkins. dinkins continued to move toward his gun and was able to make contact with 20s firearm. the officer said he feared dinkins would shoot him or take his weapon. that is when investigators said he stepped back and fired. >> this is an open investigation. >> reporter: this is just a preliminary report. we also received the preliminary autopsy report. it found it because was shot four times in the chest, shoulder, and both arms. >> doesn't appear that he was shot from the front side of the body or the backside?
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state medical examiner's office has not been authorized to release yet as they continue to review information internally.>> reporter: since the neighbors has said he was shot in the back. it does not appear that anyone saw the struggle and they do not have any video of the incident. >> reporter: the district attorney could not say how long it would take to get that full report out were completed at this point. but it will rely heavily on information they get from the medical examiner and the state crime lab. live in raleigh, i am amy cutler. cbs north carolina. community gathers gathered to call for peace and pray for both dinkins family and officer twitty. for some of the community, the answers given today are not enough.>> our coverage covers with michael hiland. >> reporter: we talk to friends of dinkins tonight and southeast raleigh you said they do not believe the officer
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the streets in protest.>> reporter:'s new tilt -- as new details came out thursday afternoon, friends and neighbors came back to the memorial. >> he was all about his kids, and i do not think it is right.>> reporter: despite the new information release, she doubts whether police are telling the truth about what happened on monday. >> right is right and wrong is wrong. when you are wrong, you're wrong. in this situation, everything is totally wrong i think. >> reporter: they said they wanted to come here to support the neighborhood. >> i do not have to agree with what he did but no one should lose their life when it running from the police.>> reporter: many gathered at a local university in held signs that says black lives matter.>> if a black man is running from the police, he is doing the right
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reporter: there is a lot of work to do to build trust. >> we have to come together to talk. motivate each other. >> reporter: dinkins family said for now, the neighborhood is far too tense for that to begin. live in raleigh, michael holland, cbs north carolina.>> label gather for a funeral -- for a memorial for dinkins tomorrow. you can go to our website on our homepage for more information. the missing mother and daughter who were reported late this afternoon has been found safe. she was last seen at midnight in both she and her daughter are okay. a burning wood stove is to blame for a fire near knightdale. we solve several crews on the scene around 7 pm tonight.
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without turning the stove off. a cold rainy night for much of the viewing area. >> it is not all rain tonight. there are some snow on the radar this evening. storm team chief joins us with the latest winter weather. it is march but it takes a unique storm to produce snow in our part of the world this time of year. we have a little bit of it but not a lot to calls significant damage. here we are up by the virginia border. there is mecklenburg county, south hill, i 85. that is the rain, snow line it is dipping a little bit down into north hampton, halifax county, but it is mainly rain. that is the story right now for scattered rain showers in wake county out west. into chatham county and areas weather right now and it is to the northeast. as we look at the big picture,
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south. what we're going to watch overnight is back toward the triad and charlotte. that is where more rain will develop and keep us wet for the next several hours. this starts to wrap up for your morning commute. it will not be warm but it is above freezing.midshipman 30s on the thermometer. it will feel like the upper 20s with wind chills. that rain will come to an end at 7 am. our roads, some will be wet but not frozen. we have another chance of rain this weekend. i will tell you when that it's coming up later. ted cruz going after front- runner donald trump hard in the gop debate.>> it is a first news that he is been together with megan kelly since if you'd following the first debate. we have news on the battle wrapping up in detroit.>> reporter: the gop divide -- debate on the fox news channel quickly turned into a shouting match.
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marco. -- don't worry about it little marco.>> reporter: marco has been question as to why he has began attacking in the last several weeks.>> -->> reporter: ted cruz has accused donald of bankrolling.>> the last person that hillary clinton wants to faces donald trump. >> did he not only go at it inside, eighth group outside said dump trump.>> this is cleaner than drop. it is not vulgar like mr. trump's.>> reporter: john kasich
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to the finish line. this comes after scathing words from the republican party's last nominee today, mitt romney, took aim at donald trump and said that the republican party can and should do better when picking a nominee.>> is playing the members for suckers. he gets a free ride to the white house and all we get is a lousy hand.>> reporter: it did not take back for donald trump to fire back with this. >> he went to see jeb and jeb had him convinced that he was going to run in met chickened out. i will tell you the real reason that he chickened out. it was not jeb. it was me.>> reporter: donald trump does have a campaign stop in our area next week. he will be addressing supporters at the crown coliseum next week. he stopped in raleigh for a campaign event back in december. we are less than two week away from the presidential primary in north carolina. early voting kicked off today. this is the first year that
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a voter id. if you missed the deadline, you can register at any polling location if you do it early. we have much more on early voting and much more on an ordinance allowing transgender people to use the bathroom of choice is being address. they have not ruled out the possibility of doing that in a special session before the general assembly reconvenes at the end of april. say for the next three minutes i'm going to identify as a female to go in the bathroom okay. is that really where we are going in this society?>> it is the same type of things happening when i was a young man when gay people would come into the restrooms and make
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general. has made it clear that local ordinance do not trump model law. one person -- health officials say that there is no reason for residents to be concerned. firefighters are one step those are to getting a raise. the way county fire -- the wake county group met tonight. they are the lowest paid. a new study finds that nearly 20%, that is less than the other areas departments. garner firefighter walter hernandes says he works three side jobs to make ends meet.>> it is a lot of stress. it put stress on your relationship, on spending time with the kids.>> a consulting firm said starting salary should be increased to $37,000. the way county fire department
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next at 11 pm cop, -- next at 11, how investigators found this man. an emotional day of freedom. we will check back in with
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adjust to a normal life again. new at 11 pm. we were with eleanor county man as he spent his first day of freedom and 25 years.>> howard dudley was released yesterday after being falsely accused of molesting his daughter. here is a story from kinston.>> reporter: just hours after celebrating his release, a more somber same for howard dudley. he is putting his wife and mother at the cemetery.>> i did not attend either funeral.>> reporter: they both died while he was locked up for 20 years for a crime he did not do.
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his first full day of a freeman. >> it is until we meet again. >> reporter: he is learning to live without old faces and he is getting to know new ones. this is howard's son dennis. he said not having his dad around has had a big impact on him.>> i feel that a lot of things would have been different.>> reporter: dennis was to when he went to prison. now he has a two-year-old himself. his dad was still a mentor from behind bars. >> he has still played his role the best way that he could.>> reporter: that has inspired him as a father. >> if he can do it out there, i should be able to do it out here. now that he is out, deadly is working to close that chapter of his life and starting now with these simple things. >> put on jeans, shirt, casual close. this feels good.>> reporter: and his positive app --
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to do well.>> reporter: cbs north carolina. they must first dismissed at least charges. the attorneys say they are hopeful it will happen soon and then deadly will be available for $750,000 of compensation. a meeting will take place it fayetteville state. margaret spellings visited the campus yesterday. groups that have protested the meetings in the past plan to be there. the secretary of state said to be cautious about where you are buying tickets for basketball games. just this week, investigators arrested a man in new york for trying to sell fake tickets for $300 apiece. an undercover officer met yvette north hills.secretary. marshall is saying to stay
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eight-man -- one man shouted gun one robbing a store before the store closed. and 18-year-old is charged with robbery with a dangerous weapon. it may be march but it is not spring in north carolina quite yet. check out this video from our sister station in charlotte. this was viewer video from mcdowell county. there you see it. some big flakes flew there for a little while. storm team chief is now here with your forecast. two days ago, it was in the 70s and now i have snow behind me. that is our states whether in a nutshell. we have rain mainly, we have a little bit of snow trying to mix in. i'm not sure if it is reaching the ground as snow. the ground is still kind of warm. we have it on the radar.
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the most rain here in wake county, in parts of chatham county. if you go north of chapel hill, there may be a few flakes mixing in with the rain. it is all of rain up through warren county. and they are is the rain/snow line as well. it is right on the state line. parts of virginia, parts of our mountains, maybe 2 inches or 4 inches of snow. it is not warm outside. were three days into march and it is in the 30s right now. most of these temperatures, if not all of them, will stay above freezing overnight. that becomes important as you had to work and school tomorrow. we will stay warm enough temperature wise, and the ground should be warm enough to keep everything on the ground wet and nothing more. as i mentioned, it is not going to be warm. 36 degrees as you head out the door for work and school on friday morning. still a little bit of rain early on. if your commute is at 5 am, 6 am, 7 am, you may have a little
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we do not warm up much at all. up to 45 at noon, and with a breeze, it will fill colder. most of us will not get out of the 40s tomorrow. we have a warm-up that commences on saturday. we also have another chance of rain this weekend. let's talk about what is coming this weekend. pick up the weather map at 3 am. that rain/snow line is to our north. still some scattered showers hanging around here. by 6 am, the i-95 corridor has some rain. everyone else will be starting to dry out. we should be completely drive- by 9 am. the clouds will hang around a bit. we will have son in the afternoon but it will not warm us up because winds are coming from the north. most of the day on saturday is dry. we will mix up the sun and clouds. not perfectly sunny. i want to stop it saturday night.
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watch what happens as it heads into our area. it falls apart. we make it through the day on saturday dry, but at midnight, we have a -- shot of rain. on sunday morning, that rain shall be gone. we have a couple of clouds but we start a warm-up. we have another day of work and school to get through but let's talk about the we can. a cold start on saturday. in the mid-30s. we jumped to 50 by lunchtime. we have some clouds as we level out in the mid-50s for afternoon highs. i like sunday better. number one, no rain. we have no cloud cover and it is going to be warmer. we will start off around 40 early on. by lunchtime on sunday, it is up to 52 degrees. and we are flirting with 60 degrees by sunday afternoon. not tomorrow. we have early morning rain and are flirting with 50. 49 for a high in raleigh, and
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take us from 49 degrees tomorrow 256 on saturday, and then close to 60 degrees on sunday. as for the small chance of and early into sunday. it could be a situation when it happens when were sleeping. it may be a 30% chance of rain. otherwise, if you are out late saturday night or up early sunday morning, that rain should be gone. the rest of your seven-day forecast gets warmer. it is 62 degrees on monday, 70 on tuesday. hello, do you have a tee time in the afternoon for me. we are in the low 70s wednesday and thursday with rain not returning until next thursday. speaking of teatime, it is that type of season where the golf course is getting busier. we have charity tournaments and all of that. hopefully, you have some free time next week an annual get out and enjoy it. watch that car on sunday. we have some good weather coming.
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new at 11 pm, two triangle company -- two triangle companies landing on the best companies to work for list. sass institute landed in the number eight spot. governor cornering -- governor corey announced a new bridge. they came up with a plan to replace the bridge that often watches out during hurricanes and nor'easter's. were counting down the minutes.
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up in less than 48 hours. north carolina will be looking to wrap up their share of the acc title when they take on the devils on saturday. unc is one of the most explosive teams in the entire nation he was out marcus paige playing at his best. they have relied on senior bryce johnson who is having an all-american type season.
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emphasis on stopping johnson?>> carolinas too good to take one person away. you do not go in saying that we have to stop this guy. they have -- they are one of the best teams in the country. another thrilling game like the last one will be all right with me. tip off on saturday is set for 6:30 pm. despite the devils missing a key player, duke welcomes back*ashley stevens but has to play with one teammate out with a back injury. she also plays a physical game. watch her wipe out the cavalier player and hit the jumper. she adds 15 rebounds and 14
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stevens glad to be back after missing seven straight games. >> we have been taking it day by day. i've been rehabbing. i did not know that i was going to be playing. obviously, when we found out that back i was not playing, i was ready to go. do things to have hand -- all hands on deck facing notre dame. mia spencer goes hard to the whole 42. she had 17 points. spencer then goes to dish. ashley williams shoots for three . it is jennifer mattern. a basket and a fell. she had 15 points. didi rogers, she gives the paxton's quality minutes. nc state runs past the eagles, 76- 60. they will now face syracuse tomorrow night at 8 pm. how about some mac basketball tonight? two teams have struggled somewhat this season that both working up a strategy for playing the eagles. it seemed to work out.
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well tonight. nice pass down low. the basket, and the bow. rochon madison will spot up for three and hit. central scores a bunch of points but the aggies would score more. 93-87. the bears today hired for the -- former north carolina coach adrian jones. jones spent the past two seasons on the eagle staff and before that was the head coach at a local high school.>> after work hard and have to have a vision.
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